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Woo-hoo it's time to plan a trip...

When I’m planning a trip I do what most people do… 👀🔎search Pinterest, TripAdvisor, and Google for ideas and information. The other thing I do is buy a book. It’s not just any book, it’s a DK Eyewitness Travel Book. For my first BIG trip I purchased a DK Eyewitness Travel Paris book.  I STUDIED that book like it had ALL of life’s answers inside of it! We are talking sticky notes and dog eared pages galore. 

I was going to Paris for what I thought would be the first and last time, and I was going to be ready! You can read a little about that first trip to Paris: Eiffel in LOVE with travel. (I’ll tell you about the Excel spreadsheet another time. 🤦‍♀️) 

What makes this book so great?

The part of this book that I found to be invaluable was the pull out map. You might be thinking, whoa there Magellan ✋ they’ve invented a maps app now. Hang in there because there’s more to it. 

I’ve used this map every time I traveled to Paris. It is very easy to read AND it’s laminated. That means I can write on it to mark out the places I want to go ahead of time. Above all, the map is broken down into grids with an index on the back listing ALL of the road names. You can very quickly and easily find where you are, where you need to go, and how far away all of your destinations are. 🚶+🍦+🗼=😊

I’m sure there are many of you who think it would make more sense to just use your phone. It might be less embarrassing than holding a map. (Don’t worry it folds up small so you can still be pretty discrete). 

Here’s the problem… when I’ve tried to use my phone for navigation, the apps don’t always cooperate and service isn’t always available. 📵😭 Trust me on this one, I’ve had more disgruntled travelers in my group over navigation issues than over anything else. You want this map! 

You can see the type of book I’m referring to here…

One more idea....

Also, if you’re looking to surprise a loved one with a trip, I’d suggest getting a travel book and wrapping it up a the gift reveal. If you know someone who is going on a trip, these books really make great gifts! 

The Best Travel Books to plan your trip

To see some trips I planned using DK Eyewitness travel books read PARIS: Eiffel in love with travel and How to See 4 Hawaiian Islands in 7 Days


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