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Are you trying to figure out some unique travel gifts to get for someone who loves to travel? My friend recently told me she really struggled to figure out what to get me for my birthday. She said, “What do you get for a girl who has been to Paris MULTIPLE times”?!? If you are feeling the same shopping intimidation, don’t worry. Below are several excellent gift ideas for travelers… that they will actually want

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Gifts under $15.00

Here are some small travel gifts that are under $15.00. Because of their small size, these gifts are really great for stocking stuffers at Christmas time! 

* Please Note: The prices are as of the post date and are listed without tax and shipping. If you are an Amazon Prime member then shipping is free. 

Hand Sanitizer

Travel Hand Sanitizer

EVERYONE can use hand sanitizer! I love Dr. Bonner’s lavender organic hand sanitizer because it smells great, and the company is passionate about its environmental and ethical practices. I always get hand sanitizer for my children’s Christmas stockings and right now it’s being used more than ever. 

Tide to Go Pen

Tide to Go Pen

This stocking stuffer is a MUST-HAVE for anyone on your list because most travels involve LOTS of eating and drinking. This is particularly helpful for travelers who will not have the opportunity to promptly treat a stain while away from home. I LOVE Tide to Go because it has saved me, and my clothing, on a number of occasions! 

Hand Soap Sheets

Mini Disposable Paper Soap Sheets 

I discovered paper soap a long time ago, and the good news is this awesome item is small enough to fit into your purse or pocket. As long as you are somewhere with water, you can simply pull out a small sheet of soap, add water, and wash your hands as it foams and dissolves. Certainly, this is a MUST-HAVE while traveling because you never know when a public restroom will be out of soap. It’s also really great for camping and hiking. This is a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone on your list!

handheld luggage scale

Handheld Luggage Scale

If you’re like me then you have found yourself standing on a bathroom scale while trying to hold your luggage. It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times. This luggage scale makes weighing your items easy and it’s accurate. It’s very stressful to try and make sure your luggage is not overweight if you tend to be an over-packer, like me. Most importantly, this purchase provides peace of mind! 

Universal travel adaptor

Universal Travel Adapter

Anyone who travels abroad needs a universal travel adapter. I have had several that people ask to borrow, but never return. *sigh* This adapter is great because it covers more than 150 countries. This one also has USB ports so that’s a great added feature for your electronics!   

Universal 3-in-1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit for Smartphones

I purchased this cell phone camera lens kit for the wide-angle lens. It’s certainly an excellent option when you’re traveling and you want to take a selfie of you and/or your family with a landmark in the background!

I REALLY wish I had this when we were in Rome because we couldn’t get a photo of us in front of the Trevi Fountain with the regular phone camera. (You can read about that exciting trip in my post “How to Travel Virtually from your Home to Rome”.) The best part is you can stop asking strangers to take pictures for you when you purchase this lens kit. 

Travel Games

Travel Games

There have been a couple of road trips when my children had their faces stuck in their phones for much of the drive. I really HATE when they do that because I feel like we all miss out on part of the fun of the trip. This travel game is the perfect gift because it’s easy to play and it keeps everyone looking at the scenery together. There are cards with specific things to look for and whoever finds it first, wins that card. (It’s a little like “I Spy” for example, but on the move.)   

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Gifts between $15.00 and $20.00

Here are some of the best  travel gifts that are priced between $15.00 and $20.00. This is most definitely a great price point for most people on your list.  

* Please Note: The prices are as of the post date and are listed without tax and shipping. If you are an Amazon Prime member then shipping is free. 

Travel Lifestraw

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

The LifeStraw is a great gift for hiking, camping, and emergency preparedness because it has the ability to filter up to 1,000 gallons of contaminated water. Most importantly, it can filter bacteria and parasites.

This definitely would have been a perfect item to have when I went on my Guatemala and El Salvador Mission’s Trip. You can use it with a water bottle or use it on its own in case of an emergency.  

Travel Steamer

Travel Steamer

I originally purchased a travel steamer for at-home use, because I hate to iron. These irons are small but they WORK! I’ve taken it with me on trips and it’s such a quick and easy way to get wrinkles out of your clothes. It’s also great to have for business trips. 

However, my only warning is that you should not try to use them with universal plugs while traveling abroad unless you read the limitations carefully. Unfortunately, that’s how I accidentally killed my steamer on our family trip to Rome. Oops! 

Travel Luggage Tracker

Luggage Tracker

If you have ever lost your luggage then you could understand why someone might want a luggage tracker. All tracking devices have an additional monthly service fee, but this one is very reasonable.

This tracker works throughout the US and all countries worldwide. Most importantly, the extended battery life helps you track your luggage for days. This device works with an app on your smartphone. It is definitely worth the peace of mind, and is the MOST affordable luggage tracker that actually works.

Travel Jewelry Case

Travel Jewelry Organizer

I’ve used a travel jewelry organizer for as long as I can remember. This organizer is great because it has clear pockets so you can quickly and easily see what you have. Most importantly, there are a number of small compartments so your jewelry doesn’t get tangled up. This is a MUST-HAVE if you are traveling for a number of days and you want to be able to really accessorize your outfits! I don’t travel without my jewelry organizer. 

Scratch off Travel Map

Scratch Off Map of the World with Bonus USA Scratch Map

EVERY serious traveler I know has expressed a desire to  own a scratch-off map. This set is a REALLY great deal because it has the map of the World AND a second map of just the United States. There are a few different sizes. The World map is 17″ x 22″ and the US map is 11″ x 17″, but they also have larger maps available if you’re looking for something bigger. If you’d really like to make a beautiful presentation, then you could get these gifts framed. This gift will NOT disappoint the travel lovers in your life!  

Travel Packing Cubes

Set of 4 Compression Packing Cubes/Organizers

Packing cubes are increasing in popularity. They help to keep luggage organized, but most importantly if you purchase the compression series they allow you to compress your luggage so you can fit more into your suitcase. That means you have more room for souvenirs! Also, by compressing your luggage you can fit more into your carry-on, so that means you won’t have the extra cost to check a bag. *cha-ching* In that regard, these cubes will pay for themselves after the first trip.

There are a variety of colors to choose from so click on the link to see all your options. I LOVE that they are stylish enough to be repurposed when you’re not using them inside of your luggage! Read my post How to Pack a Suitcase that Saves You Money to learn all about compression packing cubes. This is the perfect gift for avid travelers.   

Tokyo Travel Book

DK Eyewitness Travel Books

I previously went into detail about why I think DK Eyewitness are the BEST travel books. ANY of their books are excellent gift ideas for travelers. My favorite part about these books is the pull-out maps, which are VERY helpful! You can purchase the paperback or Kindle version. 

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gifts over $20.00

Here are some excellent gift ideas for travelers starting at $26.99. These thoughtful gifts are sure to be appreciated by your traveling loved one.  

* Please Note: The prices are as of the post date and are listed without tax and shipping. If you are an Amazon Prime member then shipping is free. 

Travel Backpack

Travel Backpack

This travel backpack is ideal because it has SO many great features. It has a number of compartments to help you stay organized, a password lock, and it is water-resistant. You can connect your power bank inside and then easily connect to the USB port and/or headphone port from the outside. It is large enough to hold a laptop. This travel backpack is ideal for any traveler.  

Travel Cocktail Kit

Carry On Cocktail Kit

I have to be honest, this is my personal FAVORITE gift idea. These cocktail kits are TSA compliant and all you need to do is add alcohol and you have an instant cocktail. I understand that these are a little pricey (at $15.00 per cocktail) but you have to admit that it’s a fun way to celebrate a special occasion!

For international travel, there may be a duty-free store at the airport so that travelers can get an entire bottle of alcohol. This cute and unique gift is small enough to be a great stocking stuffer. The best part is there are about a dozen drink options to select from!

Lifestraw water bottle

Water Filter Bottle

I take a water bottle with me everywhere I go. Often when I travel I don’t like the taste of the water. Unfortunately, purchasing bottled water is expensive and it’s not good for the environment to generate extra plastic bottles. This water bottle with the filter is the BEST option because it uses a LifeStraw to filter out bacteria and parasites. The LifeStraw is sold separately but lasts a very long time so it is worth the investment to have safe drinking water when you travel. 

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you’ve ever been on long flights with a loud group of people or a crying baby then chances are you wished you had noise-canceling headphones. This is a very popular item for travelers who have long-haul flights! A friend of mine has these headphones. He said that rather than using his Airpods, he prefers to use these headphones to listen to his favorite songs when he’s flying. 

Photo Map

USA Photo Map

If you know someone who likes to travel around the United States, then this photo map is a very unique gift for them. It is a creative way to display the pictures they have taken during their travels.  This 36″ x 24″ map is a gift that a travel lover will LOVE for displaying their travel memories! 

Gopro Camera

Wifi Sports Action Camera

This camera is for the adventure traveler. You can take photos or videos using the wireless wrist remote. Above all, it is designed to withstand extreme environments and is waterproof. They will be a GoPro hero with features like a wide angle lens, Ultra HD 4K quality, and 100 feet waterproof, this action camera is perfect for your traveler’s next adventure!   

Living Language

Language Books and CDs

If you know someone who is planning a trip abroad, and they are not fluent in the language, then this might be a fun gift idea for them. The Living Language curriculum is great because it has excellent reviews. I always prefer to have at least some basic knowledge of a language when traveling to a new Country. It’s a perfect travel gift!


Samsonite Hardside Language 

Every traveler needs luggage. Samsonite is a company that travelers know and trust. This luggage is great because it has multi-directional spinners to make navigating through the airport a breeze!

The hard shell exterior is durable and scratch resistant since we all know that luggage takes a beating. There are a number of style options and color selections. Most importantly, you can feel confident with this purchase because it comes with a 10-year warranty.  

Travel gift cards

One of the best travel gift ideas is a travel gift card. You can select the gift card amount, according to what works best for your budget and your loved one can start planning to visit one of their favorite places.

* Please Note: The prices are listed without tax and shipping. If you are an Amazon Prime member then shipping is free. 

Airbnb Gift Card

Airbnb Gift Card

When my children and I took a Christmas trip to Tennessee we stayed at an amazing Airbnb that we LOVED. They are increasing in popularity so this gift card is a great option for travelers who like staying in a BnB.

Southwest Gift Card

Southwest Airlines Gift Card

Southwest is a great airline to travel with because, in my opinion, they have the best cancellation policy. If you know someone who likes to travel with Southwest Airlines then this gift card can help them on their next trip.  

Amtrak Gift Card

Amtrak Gift Card

Some people love to travel but hate to fly. Amtrak train travel has destinations throughout the United States. If you know someone who likes to travel by train then this gift card can help them on their next trip.  

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card

If you’re still unsure what to get then maybe you should purchase an Amazon Gift Card. With this gift card, your traveling loved one can purchase ANY of the items I listed above or something else they might need for their next adventure.  

My Favorite Travel Resources!

I told you about a lot of fun travel gifts, but if you really want to show Santa up this holiday season then a gift of a trip is a great way to go! Below are some of my FAVORITE resources so you can plan a trip for your favorite traveler. 

I book Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals, & Attractions with Booking.com. 


I also book Hotels with Agoda. They are affiliated with TripAdvisor. 


When I’m looking for a flight and I want to shop around I use JetRadar because it is one of the largest online search engines and it compares airfare from 726 airlines. 

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