7 Cheap or Free Things to do in Virginia Beach When you Can’t go to the Beach

Virginia Beach, Virginia

The beach is one of my FAVORITE places to be, but sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. I’m going to share 7 cheap or free things to do in Virginia Beach when you can’t go to the beach.

It’s best to have a back-up plan when you can’t go to the beach in case it is cold or rainy. (You can also use these 7 cheap or free things to do in Virginia Beach when you can’t go to the beach as ideas for things to do at nighttime.)  

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1) Distillery Tasting
in Virginia Beach

Distillery tasting, or wine tasting, is my “go-to” activity to do on vacation when it’s cold or rainy.Chesapeake Bay Distillery was a really cool place that was exactly what we were looking for. It is conveniently located right on Virginia Beach Boulevard. 

They have a variety of spirits to taste such as vodka, rum, whisky, tequila, and more. You can do a tasting of either the straight spirits or you can taste a variety of their delicious mixed drinks. The tasting of 4 mixed drinks for $10.00 was perfect!

Virginia Beach Distillery

We selected a tasting at the Chesapeake Bay Distillery because it was very laid back and informal.

Virginia Beach Distillery Tour

If you would like a more sophisticated experience then I would suggest going to The Hunt Room, which is part of the very elegant Cavalier Hotel

If you are looking for an exquisite hotel to stay at while you are in Virginia Beach, I HIGHLY recommend the Cavalier Hotel. For help finding the perfect accommodations read Top 5 Things you Need to Know when Finding a Hotel! 

At The Hunt Room, you can sample spirits from Tarnished Truth Distilling Company for $20.00 per person. It includes a tour, the tasting, and a glass. 

While you’re there I would suggest you stroll through the hotel because the decor is absolutely breath-taking!

2) Self Guided Virginia Beach Mural Tour

Virginia Beach Mural

If you read about my “Top 10 things to see and do in Nashville, Tennessee” then you know I enjoy seeing murals while traveling during “off-times”. This is a perfect activity to do on an overcast or chilly day!

Virginia Beach Mural
Virginia Beach Mural

The “ViBe Creative District” is a really cool area in Virginia Beach. You can download the Walking Tour Map and take your time strolling around to see 60 different murals from local business supporters. I’d suggest wandering around this art district while stopping into the various restaurants for a drink or bite to eat.  

Virginia Beach Mural

3) Workout on the Beach

I traveled to Virginia with one of my best friends, Susanne, who happens to be a fitness instructor. She brought along equipment so we could do a short workout on the beach. If you are not able to bring your own equipment, Hillier Ignite Fitness Park has strength training and body weight-based workout equipment right on the beach. It is located on 36th street on Oceanfront Avenue. 

Virginia Beach workout

This fitness park has ropes, a balance beam, high and low bars, rings, parallel bars, and more. You can find people using the equipment all throughout the day. 

Virginia Beach Gym

Most people don’t like to workout while on vacation, but if you can workout ON the beach then you should definitely give it a try! It’s a fun experience. You can still workout on the beach, even when it’s cold or a little rainy.

Virginia Beach Gym

4) Watch the Sunrise

This was probably my favorite thing out of the 7 cheap or free things to do in Virginia Beach when you can’t go to the beach. I’m so glad that my friend suggested this and that we did it together!  

Sunrise Virginia Beach

I will DEFINITELY make it a point to watch sunrises more often when I travel. When thinking back to my post “Paris: Eiffel in Love with Travel” it would have been an amazing experience to watch the sunrise near the Eiffel Tower. I’d STRONGLY encourage you to add this to your next vacation, no matter where you go. 

Sunrise Virginia Beach
Sunrise Virginia Beach

Surprisingly, this is something I have never taken the time to do while on vacation. I would HIGHLY recommend it! All you have to do is check a weather app, like Accuweather, to see what time the sun is going to rise the next morning. Then, set your alarm to get up and be on the beach about 10 minutes before the projected sunrise time. 

Sunrise Virginia Beach

The actual sunrise does take quite a bit of time. You will want to stay there to watch the ENTIRE thing unfold before your eyes. Make sure you dress warmly and bring a blanket because you don’t want to hinder the experience by being cold and uncomfortable. 

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5) Henna Tattoo

What is a henna tattoo?

In case you’re not familiar, a henna tattoo is done with ink from a henna plant and it is temporary. These temporary tattoos start to fade around two weeks and can last for up to four weeks. It really depends on the location of the tattoo and the type of ink used.

Henna Tattoo

Much like an actual tattoo, sometimes you can bring the artist a picture of the tattoo that you’d like. They also have many design options to pick from right in the store.

Unlike an actual tattoo, there’s no pain, it’s not very expensive, and it’s completed in a matter of minutes. I wanted to try out a design for a tattoo cover-up that I’m considering on my lower back. My friend would like to get a tattoo on her forearm. She got a henna tattoo in that location to see how she would feel about it. We were very happy with our selections. I thought it was so much fun that I decided to get two of them.

Karma: 1704A Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

While walking on the boardwalk we spotted a henna tattoo shop and decided to check it out. I have a few real tattoos, but I didn’t know much about henna. Read about the history of these temporary tattoos because it’s very interesting. 

Henna Tattoo

We had a lot of fun with this spontaneous adventure. I’d definitely recommend doing it if you are not certain of what you want because it is a great way to “try on” your tattoo first. 

Henna Tattoo

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6) Indoor 3-D Mini Golf

3D Miniature Golf

King Neptune’s Mini Golf: Pacific Avenue, Virginia Beach.

This underwater-themed indoor 3-D miniature golf experience is a lot of fun with the black light. When we went everyone in our group enjoyed playing. It’s hard to show you the experience in pictures because you wear the 3D glasses while you play mini-golf.

This 10 hole experience is $7.00 per person, but there is a discount if you have a group of 10 or more. This is definitely something fun and unique to keep in mind when it’s cold, rainy, or late at night.

3D Miniature Golf

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7) Day Trip to Norfolk Virginia

There are a number of free things to do in Norfolk. The Waterside District has a ton of cute shops, restaurants, live music, and festivals. 

The Cannonball Trail

We made a few stops on our day trip, that were part of The Cannonball Trail. There are 43 stops along this free self-guided tour. I would HIGHLY recommend looking at the brochure and selecting some of the very intriguing stops to visit on your trip to Norfolk.

As I mentioned in “Have you Heard of the Historic Triangle in Virginia” history lessons don’t excite me. The history that we saw and read about on The Cannonball Trail was VERY interesting. I would definitely go back and complete more of the trail on my next trip to Norfolk.  

Things to do in Virginia Beach
Virginia Statue
#40 on the Cannonball Trail, Bronze Sculpture

Don’t let this picture fool you. We really are having fun. I asked her to pose just like the sculpture and she agreed.😆 

Virginia Battleship
#20 on the Cannonball Trail, Hampton Roads Naval Museum and USS Wisconsin
Virginia Oriental Pagoda
The Pagoda Garden

There are a few different day-trips that you can take from Virginia Beach. We decided on a day-trip to Norfolk, Virginia.

The Pagoda Garden

The thing that prompted this trip was The Pagoda Garden.

If you decide to visit these Oriental Gardens you will see the amazing architecture of the Pagoda building. You will also see water features, stone sculptures, and plants. This picturesque garden space doesn’t take long to stroll through, but it’s a captivating sight.

The Pagoda is actually a restaurant that serves international food with an Asian flair. We were excited to discover this little gem and really enjoyed exploring this space while in Norfolk.

We thoroughly enjoyed exploring Norfolk Virginia for the day.

🚲 You could take a Best of Norfolk guided E-Bike tour as a fun way to really see what the town has to offer! 🎟 Click here for tickets.

I would encourage you to plan one day trip while you are on vacation! It is great to be able to see less popular towns that border the main tourist attraction.  

I hope these 7 cheap or free things to do in Virginia Beach when you can’t go to the beach were helpful to you. Do you have ideas of things you like to do when it’s too cold or rainy to go to the beach? Please share them in the comments below! 

But wait... there's MORE to do in Virginia Beach!

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