The Best of Moorefield, West Virginia

Best of Moorefield, West Virginia

Moorefield, West Virginia is a small and quaint town with beautiful rolling mountains. After spending the weekend there with my family, I’m excited to tell you about the BEST of Moorefield, West Virginia. Get ready to find out the best hotel, best places to eat, and the best things to do in Moorefield, West Virginia! 

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Moorefield West Virginia Sign

Moorefield is the 4th oldest town in West Virginia. It got its name from an early settler, Conrad Moore. Located in Hardy County, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Moorefield is not too far from the borders of Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The closest airport is 2 hours away, in Washington, DC

The Best Time to Visit Moorefiled, West Virginia

When is the best time to visit Moorefield, WV?

If you are planning on hiking then June, August, and September are the most pleasant months. The average temperatures are in the high 80’s and low 60’s at that time of year. If hiking is not your thing, then take a train ride on the South Branch Valley Railroad to see the beautiful mountains. 

The Best Place to Stay in Moorefield, West Virginia

Where is the best place to stay in Moorefield, WV?

The BEST place to stay in Moorefield, West Virginia is at the Mullin Hotel. TripAdvisor ranks it as the #1 place to stay in Moorefield, but I think it’s the #1 place to say in the entire area. It was built in 1847 and at that time it was the #1 place to stay in all of the Virginias! All of the Moorefield residents are familiar with the well known landmark: Mullin Hotel. 

Mullins Hotel Porch Moorefield West Virginia

In my post, Top 5 Things You Need to Know when Finding a Hotel, I told you what to look for to help you make a good choice. The hotel is a small, historic, boutique hotel, which allows them to be able to cater to their select clientele and provide a small-town, unique lodging experience

The Mullin hotel is located at 104 South Main Street, Moorefield WV. It is comprised of 22 rooms, museum displays, a bar, and a restaurant. Each room is decorated differently so it’s awesome that each guest will have a unique experience. 

For help finding the perfect accommodations read Top 5 Things you Need to Know when Finding a Hotel! 

Mullin Hotel Room Moorefield West Virginia

Although the hotel was built in 1847, it has recently undergone an extensive modern renovation. It is fully equipped with Wi-Fi, smart TVs, private bathrooms in each room, and modern furnishings.

Mullins Hotel sitting area Moorefield West Virginia

There are a few little sitting areas on the main floor of the hotel, as well as a kitchen area. We really appreciated that the kitchen area had FREE snacks and drinks available all day long! 

The BEST Place to EAT in Moorefield, West Virginia

Mullins Restaurant Interior Moorefield West Virginia

Where is the best place to eat in Moorefield, WV?

The Mullin’s 1847 Restaurant is located on the bottom floor of the Mullin Hotel. TripAdvisor ranks the Mullin’s Restaurant #8 out of 14 restaurants in Moorefield, West Virginia. They serve traditional American cuisine and they have vegetarian friendly options as well. 

Our large Italian family celebrated my father’s 80th birthday at the Mullin’s 1847 Restaurant and we were ALL happy with our food selections. I had the shrimp scampi and it was perfect!

Tony Capone Birthday
Happy 80th Birthday Dad!

The atmosphere is charming and there are various dining areas throughout the restaurant. That way, it feels more quaint and it gives you some privacy when you’re dining.  I think it’s a perfect place to have a celebration or large gathering. If you have a big group, make sure you contact the restaurant in advance so they can be prepared. 

The bar area is a great spot for a drink, to relax on the couches and talk, or to listen to music. There is also an outside area that had live music and dancing when we were there.

Make sure you check out the events page to see when they have live music or karaoke in the bar area

Mullins Restaurant Bar Moorefield West Virginia

The Best Dessert in Moorefield, West Virginia

Sweets on Main Ice cream Moorefield West Virginia

Where is the best place to get dessert in Moorefield, WV?

Sweets & Treats on Main is located at 109 North Main Street, Moorefield, West Virginia. It is the BEST place to get dessert in the area. Although they are well known for their ice cream, it’s much more than an ice cream shop. They also have donuts, milkshakes, cakes,  and quick meals like salads and sandwiches. 

I had Sweets & Treats on Main make the birthday cupcakes for my dad’s birthday and they were DELICIOUS. We liked the dessert so much that we went there the next day to get ice cream. It was SO GOOD!

Sweet Treats on Main Moorefield West Virginia Cupcakes

Sweet Treats has inside seating as well as a beautiful private patio outside. You HAVE to make sure you stop in for a treat when you visit Moorefield, West Virginia! 

Sweets on Main Interior Moorefield West Virginia
Sweets on Main Patio Moorefield West Virginia

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The Best Things To Do near Moorefield, West Virginia

What are the best things to do near Moorefield, WV?

As I mentioned before, Moorefield, West Virginia is a very small town. Honestly, the BEST thing to do is to make time to take in the beautiful sites of the rolling mountains. There are quite a few areas along the road where you can pull off and take in the sites, or they have places where you can go on a hiking adventure. The East Coast mountains have some of the most captivating sites in the United States. 

Motivational Quote Enjoy the little things in life because one day youll look back and realize they were the big things

Seneca Rocks State Park

Not too far from Moorefield, is a very popular tourist attraction called Seneca Rocks State Park. TripAdvisor ranks it #1 out of 10 things to do in that area. It even won the 2022 Traveler’s Choice Award! 

This is the best-known landmark in West Virginia. At Seneca Rocks State Park you can rock-climb, hike, fish, and see wildlife. It’s located at the intersection of Route 33 and Route 55 in Seneca Rocks, West Virginia. You DEFINITELY want to make sure you see as much of the beautiful landscape in West Virginia as you can. It is truly beautiful during any time of year. 

Seneca Rock Park West Virginia

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