Guatemala and El Salvador: Mission’s Trip


Have you ever felt a heaviness in your heart for people who are struggling in other countries? I recently had the honor of participating in a week-long Guatemala and El Salvador: Mission’s trip.

Our volunteer medical missions team of 9 was from Community Church in Pennsylvania. Fortunately, we stayed at a stunning property in Guatemala. It is owned by Eddy and Michelle Gomez, who are the founders of Provee Ministry. Provee in Spanish means to provide. That is precisely what this nonprofit organization which focuses on providing provision, truth and hope does for their local community.

To learn more about the organization and how you can help, check out PROVEE.

Guatemala and El Salvador: Mission's Trip
Eddy and Michelle's House
Guatemala and El Salvador: Mission's Trip
Dining & Meeting Space
Guatemala and El Salvador: Mission's Trip
Guest House

Provee Mobile Medical Mission's Clinic:

Provee provides a number of different opportunities to help their community; such as the school sponsorship projectchild sponsorship project, and senior citizen project. However, our week-long medical mission’s trip focused on providing 3 mobile medical clinics and the school breakfast project for children at 2 schools.

The clinics were hosted in two rural churches in the Guatemalan community and one was in El Salvador. That is to say, in just moments an open space could be converted into a “medical facility” with some twine and sheets which were strung up to create “patient rooms”.

I worked in the “pharmacy” which was basically donated medicine organized into 5 plastic totes.

Guatemala and El Salvador: Mission's Trip
Guatemala and El Salvador: Mission's Trip
Guatemala and El Salvador: Mission's Trip

How does the medical mission project work?

First, the community would be made aware of the clinic in advance. Then upon our medical mission’s teams’ early morning arrival by caravan, the outside of the building would be filled with people waiting to be seen. Unfortunately, there were times when people waited ALL day for their turn.😢

All of the services and medicine were free to everyone who came. The community consistently expressed their sincere gratitude. Consistently stating that they could never financially repay us for coming to help them, so they offered prayers for God to bless the volunteers.🙏💛 Most importantly, we assisted approximately 687 people over the course of the 3 clinics.

Guatemala and El Salvador: Mission's Trip
A long line is formed even before we arrive.
Guatemala and El Salvador: Mission's Trip
Waiting several hours since early morning.

Provee School Breakfast Project:

Our medical mission’s team was able to visit two schools in Guatemala to provide breakfast with the Provee school breakfast project. This program provides breakfast and children’s vitamins to 4 local public schools on a daily basis. Fortunately, they have been able to see a drastic change in the children’s nutrition and overall health through this program. 

The children are happy to see the volunteers and they quickly line up to get their breakfast. Next, depending on the school, they either find a place on the ground to sit or sit at their desks. Meanwhile, volunteers pray for them, the school, and their families.

For information on how to donate to the School Breakfast Project click 👉here.🏫👭  

Prince of Peace Home for Girls:

Provee partners with two orphanages in Guatemala. Our medical mission’s team was able to spend one day at the Prince of Peace Home for Girls. This is a home for abused, neglected, and abandoned girls.

When we were there we spent some time organizing donated medical equipment and painting a building entryway while they were in school. After that, school was out we were able to spend some time playing with the girls.

It was here that I met Esthefany, a 6-year-old girl who was new to Prince of Peace. Sadly, she was left, along with her 3 siblings, in the town square by their mother.

We taught this spirited little girl how to play hopscotch, and I showed her the magic of SnapChat, which she LOVED! 😁📷 Certainly, this was the highlight of our time at Prince of Peach. 

Baking fun at Bread Bros:

Each day we were served delicious bread with our delicious Guatemalan coffee. 🍞☕ Actually, the “bread” tasted a little like a loaf of bread and a cookie had a baby. We all liked it so much that we bought some to take home. 

This nonprofit company, called Bread Bros, was created to generate funds for Provee as well as supply bread to the children at school. For fun they let our team of volunteers make some bread at their new facility. 👩‍🍳  

Guatemala and El Salvador: Mission's Trip
Guatemala and El Salvador: Mission's Trip bread tour
Guatemala and El Salvador: Mission's Trip bread tour

The Lasting Impact:

Our medical mission’s team got up EARLY, drove ALL over, and worked LONG hours. Fortunately, we had a great time getting to know each other and making a small difference in the lives of people who could never repay us.

Above all, my favorite part of the Guatemala and El Salvador Mission’s trip was when we attended church in El Salvador, because the children made signs in English to welcome and thank us and they prayed for us. Honestly, I’m not sure if the medicine really made that big of a difference in their lives. However, what I am sure of is when they see us come to help them, we represent hope and love to them, and that’s something that money can’t buy.

Most importantly, those children can tangibly see and know that there are people who live far, far away but they still care about their struggles. 💗   

Guatemala and El Salvador: Mission's Trip

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LET’S CONNECT: Do you think you would ever participate in a Guatemala and El Salvador Mission’s trip or a mission’s trip somewhere else? If so, tell us in the comments where you’d like to go.

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